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Wakely Actuarial consulting services include Life and Annuity 
Consulting, Senior Health Consulting, Supplemental Health Consulting and Insurance Compliance Consulting services.

While Wakely Actuarial provides a full complement of actuarial consulting services and related insurance management functions in a broad range of practice areas, through specific training and experience we have developed exceptional expertise in certain product lines.

With our special expertise in these lines, we have created the following practice divisions to focus on each of these areas:


Life and Annuity Consulting Practice
This practice focuses on individual and group life and annuity insurance products. We have consulting expertise in the full spectrum of life and annuity business, with particular specialization in interest-sensitive products.

Our consultants can assist with all aspects of product line management ranging from competitive analysis and rate manual development, to evaluation of reinsurance proposals, to product administration and ongoing management.

Like our other practice divisions, the Life and Annuity Consulting Practice provides a full range of valuation functions including Appointed Actuary services. Our life actuaries additionally offer Illustration Actuary Certification.

We also provide Actuarial Audit on Statutory, US GAAP, and International Accounting Standards Bases as well as independent actuarial review and state examination services.

Our consultants have many decades of combined experience working intensively with Life and Annuity products. We are well-versed in insurance regulations, as well as demographic and other trends, that impact the pricing and valuation of this business.

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Senior Health Consulting Practice
This practice focuses on senior health insurance products including Long Term Care and Medicare Supplement. Our range of expertise also includes Accelerated Death Benefit Riders, Pre-Need Life Insurance, and Annuity products targeted for the senior market.

Our consultants can advise you on all actuarial and operational aspects involved in managing individual and group senior product lines. We offer practical advice and guidance to help companies enter or expand their presence in the senior market, and we provide effective solutions to manage existing blocks of business profitably.

Our expertise is based on many years of consulting work and the prior practical experience that our actuaries and compliance director gained working in-house for carriers specializing in senior products. We have earned our reputation as experts by assisting dozens of companies with the successful development and implementation of their senior market product lines.

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Supplemental Health Insurance Consulting Practice
This practice focuses on Supplemental Health insurance products targeted for sale primarily in the work site market. Our consultants are experts in the full continuum of voluntary work site products ranging from Accident and Cancer to Short Term Disability. We have expertise working with both individual and group Supplemental Health products and can provide advice on all aspects of product line management.

Our consultants have many decades of combined experience working intensively with Supplemental Health products. In addition to the substantial body of client company data that we monitor, we keep abreast of current market trends and emerging insurance regulations in order to provide our clients with products that are suitable for their market.

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