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At Wakely Actuarial we believe that professionalism, diligence, and personal service are fundamental to each of our client relationships... and so are results.

Ultimately, your satisfaction with us depends on the results that we realize working together. Based on our past successes, we can describe how we get results, and what kind of results you might expect from our consulting efforts.

How do we get results?

Wakely Actuarial gets results for you through the skill, hard work, and focus of our actuaries and consultants who can become an extension of your management team to provide you with additional resources you need to run your insurance programs successfully. We value long-term relationships and remain committed to helping you succeed in each aspect of your operation, long after we have delivered results of any individual work product.

When you engage us to provide consulting advice and services for your business, we assign a senior member of our staff to serve as a primary contact person for your account. In nearly all cases your primary contact is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries with specific training and experience in your lines of business. Your contact (or another F.S.A. with our firm) will supervise the preparation of our work products and recommendations.

We believe the personal level of assistance that we give to each client is an important advantage that sets us apart from our competitors. Always, we strive to meet your expectations in the timely delivery of high quality work product. Further, we put forth effort to build relationships and provide focused attention that exceeds your expectations.

What kind of results should you expect?

When you work with Wakely Actuarial, you can expect to get the results you want. The following are examples of goals we can help you achieve:

• Develop new product and bring to market quickly and efficiently
• Analyze existing troubled blocks of business and implement corrective action plan
• Review statutory reserving methods and find reserve redundancies, if any

In all of our efforts, we strive to apply our skill and knowledge to help each of our clients manage their insurance programs successfully and achieve maximum results.


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